In recent times the "sound machines", disguising themselves as CICADAS, started to capture light and transform it into movement, sounds, reflexes, light games, magic and cheerfulness. They turn out to be small photovoltaic robots that chirp as long as they are exposed to light, just as their natural homologous bodies would do. Initially they are silent and still, then they become incessantly talkative and restless , thus leading visitors to abandon themselves to the hypnotic fascination of electromechanical insects in euphoric freedom, although they are caged, boxed and trained in a joyful jumble of dioramas and terrariums. Inexhaustible creatures, Duchamp’s, Calder’s, Tinguely’s, Arman’s and Fogliati’s elder daughters, they turn out to be relentless percussionists when it comes to accompany the exhibitions with sound performances